Two-sided Auction Marketplace: LastBid

Two-sided Auction Marketplace: LastBid

26 Nov · 106 min read

Challenge: To provide auction houses with an opportunity to sell unsold items.

Solution: Created a marketplace for auction houses.

User Group: Collectors, Connoisseurs, and Newcomer buyers.


A group of former auction house employees decided to develop a marketplace for auction houses. The main objective was to allow auction houses to offer unsold objects to collectors, connoisseurs, and auction-curious newcomer purchasers all over the world while retaining a commission. 


In collaboration with the ex-auction houses, we successfully developed a two-sided marketplace for auction houses named LastBid to offer a second chance to unsold items. Our team also built a unique event-driven architecture to provide LastBid users with a realistic auction environment ensuring a smooth online auction. Thus, empowering a streamlined bidding process. 

Our team of business analysts and UX designers adopted a human-centric approach to make the website sound more user-friendly. They also managed to add new features amidst the website’s technological complexity followed by the creation of an effective user interface. 

We built an effective messaging platform for LastBid by integrating it into the website so that the seller could answer all the questions on the current bid from all buyers within the auction time limit. We also used SendGrid transactional emails to inform the users about significant actions such as new bids etc. Moreover, we developed multilevel filters for product categories and advanced search capabilities to meet the requirements of end-users followed by the usage of Stripe for reliable money transfers. 

Technologies Used: 

  • PHP 5.6
  • MYSQL 5.7
  • Nginx 1.7
  • Laravel 5.4

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