Online Trading Platform

Online Trading Platform

17 Dec · 2 min read

Challenge: easy access to financial information and to be able to invest quickly

Solution: Completely online investing proposition with access to Funds, Shares, ETF and Investment Trusts. The first step into a new world of investing can be easier than you ever imagined, and with substantial cost saving benefits.

User Group: Finance


Clients expect easy access to financial information and to be able to invest quickly and at a time that suits them. Whether you Clients whish to research a fund, invest or get an up-to-date portfolio valuation, they can now do all of these and more online with Comminus Online trading platform. By moving to our online platform, you are able to reduce business costs and provide additional savings to Clients.

Online Investment Frontend

Includes robust and industry proven 24/7 online investment site. Investors now solely have the ability to invest into variety of products and trade securities with ease and whenever they like thanks to the Online trading Application.

Streamlines and helps Investors with registration procedure encompassing Anti-money laundry check procedure, Postcode finding and contributing via debit card, direct debit or transfer-in. Percentage of monthly direct debit can be invested into securities.

Income generated from dividends can be automatically invested into same security.

Online Administration Service Application

Enables Portfolio managers to effectively allocate stock/funds in each portfolio on percentage (target weight) base. Investor are free to chose from variety of products with range of models that hold stocks and funds. Portfolio management system is run by Portfolio Manager for an Investor. Featuring following modules: Messaging, Buy/Sell Operations, Anti Money Laundry service, Fee Administration.

Integration with several services

Anti Money Laundry service, Nexus service, Winterflood, BarcleyCard and Infobip messaging service.

Reporting service

Featured with custom tailored reports, Regulatory reporting, advance analytics and advance filtering capabilities.


  • Secure web platform
  • Leading database system on security, performance and price
  • User authentication and authorization with role based access
  • Automatic data load and data validation
  • Input/output history tracking
  • Logging and change tracking
  • Output (raw files, report generation, e-mail delivery and notification)
  • Ability to manage and change
  • Data visibility and transparency
  • Fast delivery
  • Robust solution

We recognize the difference between markets, and that each partner will have a unique approach to success. We ensure that every partner has all the necessary support and tools to launch and operate a successful business, by providing online trading platform based on years of industry experience.

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