Make decisions collectively with Howspace’s AI

Make decisions collectively with Howspace’s AI

13 Jan · 1 min read

Challenge: Collaboration and sense-making at scale

Solution: Howspace’s super chat and AI

User Group: Enterprises, large organizations

People are the greatest asset of any organization, and businesses that engage and align their people around a common purpose are the ones that will thrive. We at Howspace help organizations encourage their people to participate in dialogue and to make sense at scale.

Howspace is an AI-powered digital collaboration platform that enables organizations to build engagement and commitment through designed and guided collaboration. The platform was developed to give people endless possibilities for designing discussions.

The newest major Howspace features help you encourage everyone to participate in collaboration and allow you to make sense and ensure everybody is being heard:

  1. Super Chat with sticky notes: Brainstorm, categorize, and prioritize discussions and topics in a visual and inspiring way.
  1. Built-in AI Insight: Understand and analyze group discussions and make sense of large-scale dialogue in real-time.

Watch the video to learn more about these features:

With the Super Chat sticky notes, you can move, categorize, and prioritize color-coded comments so it’s perfect for collecting ideas and making sense of a huge amount of comments. To boost activity and engagement, you can invite your team to categorize the comments.

With Howspace’s built-in AI Insight, you can watch a word cloud assemble in real-time while your team is having a dialogue on the platform. From this data, you can build a better and more comprehensive understanding of current discussions.

One of the greatest things about Howspace is that the core is in what you do with the platform. You can design and structure the collaboration the way you want and build the process to support your team’s work. If you’re curious to know more and test it yourself, you can start a free 30-day trial here.

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