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Why Choose Amplifyre?

Traditional Approach

Traditional Approach its like a confusing path
  • Process

    → Search on the internet or ask for recommendations

    → Evaluate multiple vendors and shortlist them

    → Contact shortlisted ones

    → Conduct several rounds of discussions and negotiations

  • Research

    Extensive research required; You won’t find complete information about each vendor on the Internet.

  • Time

    Spend several weeks/months to search for good vendors and go through a tedious process

  • Competitive

    Vendors usually provide you rates at or above the market value. Even after negotiations, you might get overcharged for the project.

  • Fees

    IT consultancies charge 100+ euros per hour of consultation to analyze your project and find the right vendor.

  • Decision

    Tough; With 1000s of options, vendor evaluation can be a huge task to handle.

  • Transparency

    Searching online or through referrals might not give you all the necessary data. There maybe missing information, wrong/old data, non-responsive vendors, and other issues that can restrict your search.

  • Data-driven

    Reviews, recommendations, etc. are often not reliable and cannot guarantee a compatible partnership.

  • Guarantee

    There is no guarantee that the partner you hire executes your project smoothly. This might lead to project failure, delays and extensive costs on your side.


Amplifyre Approach

Amplifyre Approach its a straight path
  • → Book a call

    → Get matched to 3 best vendors

    → Hire your software partner

  • Pre-verified vendors; During vendor onboarding, we gather 100+ data points about each vendor.

  • Get matched within 72 hours.

  • As our matched vendors are aware of the competitive decision-making process, they can provide you with the best rates.

  • Our matching system is FREE.

  • Very Easy; We provide you only the top 3 most compatible vendors.

  • Our consultants will always keep you informed about the progress, vendor details, vendor compatibility, vendor availability, average pricing, and so much more.

  • We have crucial information about each vendor that you won’t find elsewhere. Our data-driven matching system analyses your requirements to find the most compatible partner.

  • We conduct regular health checks for the first 6 months to ensure a successful project.

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Get started for FREE

You only pay € 500
if you are happy with
the partnership


Our Matching System includes:

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    A thorough project discovery call

    • Our IT consultant talks to you to understand your project needs
    • We evaluate project execution possibilities - outsourcing, outstaffing, body leasing, etc.
    • If needed, we conduct due diligence checks
    • We arrive at the right solution for your project
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    Access to our unique matching process

    • The matching system suggests 3 software companies most compatible to your project
    • You connect with these vendors to discuss your requirements and availabilities
    • For staff augmentation services, you may ask for resumes of suitable candidates
    • You hire 1 matched company to execute your project
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    Regular project health checks

    • Once your project execution begins, we conduct regular health checks to ensure a successful project
    • We help solve collaboration/communication issues, if any
    • We stay by your side to ensure a smooth collaboration
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How we guarantee
a successful partnership ?

Our regular health checks for the first 6 months to ensure your project is on track.

At any point during this period, if you are unhappy with the partner, you get your money back!

100% money back guarantee

That’s how sure we are of our approach.

We believe in maintaining complete transparency towards all the involved parties. Our consultants will keep you informed at every step of the way.

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