Our global network of
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The Amplifyre partner network consists of the top software companies in the world. We gather 100+ datapoints about each onboarded company to ensure successful collaborations.

The right partner for any project
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For the smooth functioning of your project, defining the right engagement model is essential. This dictates the team setup, workflows, pricing, and many other critical aspects of the partnership. With Amplifyre, you can create your custom team with any engagement model, such as:

  • Project Outsourcing

    Project Outsourcing

    With outsourcing, your project is entirely handled by an external team of developers so that your core team can focus on more critical aspects of the business.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Staff Augmentation

    When your in-house team lack resources with specific expertise, staff augmentation enables you to add the desired talent to your team for a flexible duration.

For years, we have built a network of trusted software companies.

To ensure a successful match, it is essential to have an extensive and diverse network. So we created a network of companies that specialise in a wide range of fields. As part of the vetting process, we conduct interviews and evaluations to verify 100+ data points to identify the partner’s specialty.

With this, we ensure that you get the highest quality team in your field.

Project Types

The Amplifyre partner network consists of partners with experience in various types of projects. To cater to your requirements, we will find vendors who have worked on projects in the same domain. Their expertise can help you plan and execute the project in a more efficient manner.

Our software partners have worked on 200+ project types like Cloud, UI/UX, DevOps, AI/ML, data science, AR/VR, blockchain hand many more.

Project Types


Software companies often specialize in specific programming languages and frameworks. When looking for a vendor, matching your project’s tech stack with the vendor’s expertise is a necessary step.

Our tech partners have a wide range of expertise in 500+ technologies including Flutter, React, NodeJS, Ruby On Rails, Android, iOS, and many more.



Vendors with relevant industry expertise for your project can impact your software partnership. Such partners are already aware of compliance guidelines and regulations that have to be considered for your project.

Our network includes software companies who have collectively worked across 60+ major industries including EdTech, FinTech, HealthCare and Logistics.


Get matched to the perfect software company and amplify your business success.