secureHow to run effective Design Sprints

How to run effective Design Sprints

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This approach will get you to stop talking and start doing. The classic product development cycle is challenging. Thanks to Design Sprint, you can validate new ideas fast, even before time and money are invested to build them. Watch our CEO David Turewicz and interview guest Rob Hough, Head of Design of nuom discuss the celebrated five-day Design Sprint process. Further, they talk about: - How do Design Sprints work? - Who can use them? - What are common pitfalls? - Best practices for a good Design Sprint! If you have any questions about design sprints? Leave us a comment! #AskTheHub is the series where we take questions from the community about #business and #technology topics and talk to one of our partner companies who specializes in the topic.

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Very cool interview. Design Sprints are super helpful for validating ideas!

AI Antilope

30 Aug, 2021