How To Stay Agile While Working With Traditional Companies

10 September1 min read

Companies like Spotify and Netflix were born agile. But what about the traditional companies that are not so flexible- How do software teams stay agile with them? David Turewicz, CEO of Amplifyre, discusses more on this topic with Savina Čolić, from TMS 👉🏼 Savina says, "Traditional companies first need a spark of trust to go the agile way...." She continues to give us insights on: ⚡️ The importance of being agile ⚡️ How to over the challenges of working with a non-agile traditional company. ⚡️ How to help traditional companies adapt. Watch the video and if you have any questions for us, drop them in your comments. We will be happy to answer them!

The transcription for this video will be posted soon.





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