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How we analyze and approve companies to join the Hub

Before companies join the Amplifyre Hub they must go through our vetting process which assesses their experience, quality, and area of expertise.

The process analyzes 6 different aspects of the business to get a 360° picture of the company.

Our acceptance rate is about 3%, which means we only match your project to qualified companies with a successful track record.

  • Project DeliveryProject development methodologies

  • CommercialCommercial processes and pricing

  • Technology StackTechnological expertise

  • RegulatoryRegulations & legal processes

  • Company CultureCompany culture & leadership style

  • Team StructureOrganizational structure & headcount

  • The right partner for any project

    For years, we have built a network of trusted software companies.

    A key aspect of matching is having a diverse network. That is why we built a hub of companies that specialize in a multitude of areas.

    Over interviews and assessments, our team verifies more than 90 parameters to identify the specialty of our partners.

    From Machine Learning to CRM-Systems. From React to C#. From Automotive to Healthcare. We assure the highest quality partners in the field of your project.

    Our Software Partners are Trusted by Global Brands:

    Get matched to the perfect software company and amplify your business success.