The right match
makes all the difference.

Get matched to qualified software companies with the right expertise on the industry, technology and type of your project.

Matching Process

How we match software projects

  • 1

    Define your project requirements. Over a 1-hour call with our team you tell us about your project details and the goals you wish to achieve.

  • 2

    Our consultants analyze your project or your digital needs to define the right solution for you.

  • 3

    Our experts identify the best companies to develop your project. You get matched to the 3 most qualified companies from our vetted network.

  • 4

    Contact matched companies and choose your favorite to start the project.

We check multiple parameters over 6 project areas to determine the most qualified provider for you

Over a 1 hour call, our consultants identify exactly which solution can best help you reach your goals.

We help you define the type of provider you need to complete your project, along with the skills and technology that best match your needs.

Matching Criteria

How we match you to the best providers

Our team examines your project across 6 main areas. This data is then used to search for the most compatible providers

  • Organization

    Verify if the provider’s organization aligns with your project requirements.

    In the Organization match, we analyze parameters such as location, team composition, values, and more.

  • Industry

    Understand whether the provider has the right industry expertise for your project.

    Do you require a particular industry experience or any specific certification?
    We’ve got you covered.

  • Project Type

    Identify the most experienced company in your type of project.

    This matching parameter analyzes software type, collaboration format, management frameworks, and more.

  • Technology

    Discover the providers that are most skilled in the technologies you need.

    We search for the companies with the right tech expertise in the tools and frameworks most suited for your project.

  • Commercial

    Check how your commercial conditions match our providers’ standards.

    Does your budget fit the companies’ hourly rates and payment conditions? Find out on the commercial analysis.

  • Culture

    Find out the potential synergy between your culture and our partners’.

    Similar cultures usually lead to a better collaboration experience. This analysis is based on a study by Cameron & Quinn.

Matching Results

Get matched to 3 software companies

Our algorithm analyses your requirements and matches you to the 3 most qualified companies for your project. Check out how the match results look like:

Get matched to the perfect software company and amplify your business success.