Amplifyre Content Guidelines

We want to create a hub where your expertise can shine. But to do that, the content you upload must be of good quality and provide value to the readers. In order to help, we prepared our content guidelines.

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At Amplifyre, any company that wishes to share it’s content must follow the following guidelines. We reserve the right to remove content if we determine it does not meet our standards.

1. No illegal or infringing content

It is the responsibility of authors, publishers, and selling partners to ensure their content doesn't violate laws or copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other rights.

2. No offensive content

We don't accept content that includes hate speech, offensive, and abusive language, or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive.

3. Do not focus on advertising your company

The content you share must be about a relevant topic and not an advertisement for your company. The amount of text related only to your company must not be more than 10%. Do not share your profile on other platforms.

4. Do not include more than one CTA per text

Throughout the text, make sure you do not include more than one Call to Action, containing a link to your webpage or other third-party materials.

5. Do not include advertisement or links in titles

Titles must be short and relevant to the topic. Never include links and call to action in the titles of your articles and solutions.

6. Content must contain more than 700 words

To maximize the SEO score of your content, we strongly recommend that your articles and case studies contain a minimum of 700 words. Articles and solutions must be published to their full length, not only previews to direct users to other websites.

7. Write about topics relevant to our target industry

At Amplifyre, we focus on themes related to business, product development, and technology. When choosing the content to upload to your profile, make sure it is related to these topics.

8. Provide the best quality possible

Do not use all capital letters, check for grammar and punctuation, avoid too many emoticons, do not insert too many links throughout the text. In general links should only be for sources, not for redirecting to your own pages.