How To Select The Right Tool, Technology, or Software Vendor

HOW HARD IS IT selecting a Software Vendor or Software Solution? As an IT Manager, CTO, or CEO, you will often be faced with the challenge of selecting the right software vendor or software solution for your individual requirements. Get it right and you and your company may enjoy years of improved efficiency and productivity, happier workers, and lower costs. Get it wrong and you could end up with a lot of stress and more problems than you had before... Klaus Unterkircher, CEO of Bright IT, says, "There is no single solution that fits everyone in every project. It simply doesn't exist and I would recommend being extremely careful with anyone who tells you so. However, there definitely is a best choice that matches your particular needs" Watch the interesting discussion between Klaus and our CEO David Turewicz, about selecting the right web tool, technology, and software vendor.




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Ufff.... I would not have thought, that there are really so many things to consider when looking for your right provider solution.

Microsoft Monkey

25 Nov, 2021
  • It is a vast and complex topic. Luckily not every decision has to last a lifetime. Hope we could give you some inspiration ;)

    Bright IT

    Bright IT

    17 Dec, 2021