Wi-Fi Hotspots for Health Care Program by NiFi

Wi-Fi Hotspots for Health Care Program by NiFi

13 Nov ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To provide healthcare awareness in national hospitals

Solution: Developed Wi-Fi hotspots for the organization

User Group: Hospital visitors of Nicaragua


Ni Fi is an organization that works in less prominent places of Nicaragua and promotes healthcare awareness. It is a great social initiative, which contributes to healthcare and social awareness in a sincere manner. 


We at Miquido developed a project that provided Wi-Fi hotspots in national hospitals in Poland, the United Kingdom and Nicaragua, which is free to access. It was a project of international cooperation between these places. This is a unique solution in which, after reading an article on a certain healthcare challenge and taking a short test, the network will be available for the users for 30 minutes. Once a user is connected to the network, their data will be saved for the future, and if the same user requests access to the network in the future, they will be provided with a new article on healthcare issues. Hence, we were able to contribute to the spreading of healthcare information in Central America. It was a privilege for us to become a part of such a great initiative.  

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