Wellbeing Works - wellbeing platform

Wellbeing Works - wellbeing platform

27 February3 min read

Build a platform to connect individuals and companies that desire to actively work on and improve the well-being of their employees and coaches that provide training with such focus


Front-end web application for well-being coaches, where they can manage, sell and teach their courses, as well as for the end customers, who can browse, buy and participate in well-being courses, and an admin web application for the platform administrators, allowing them to further maintain the content, oversee and ensure smooth operation of the platform and keep track of user statistics via a custom-made React dashboard built within

User Group

End customers, coaches, administrators

Context about the client and the product

Studies have proven that the physical and psychological well-being of employees directly impacts an organisation's success. Our client is an expert at providing well-being training for various kinds of workplaces and businesses. Although they are a subsidiary of a major Belgian insurance company, they do not deal with insurance, but instead direct their efforts toward increasing the overall happiness and health (both physical and mental) of those who matter a great deal everywhere: the people who do the work – work of any kind.

We needed to build an application that could accommodate all the users and distinguish between types of these users – be it people seeking training, people providing the training, or the ones maintaining seamless running of it all. Beside that, we needed to provide all the means necessary to facilitate all the courses – from the option to book coaches to video transmission.

Difficulties we had to overcome

  • We were entrusted with creating a specially designed dashboard for the administrators of the platform that would yield highly useful statistical information regarding the users’ behaviour patterns within the application. The administrators could benefit from this data and use it to further improve the overall user experience. This proved to be a demanding task at times: Recording and sending of the data to be processed, the very processing of the data, as well as handling the sheer amount of it were all intricate challenges.
  • Another delicate aspect of the platform creation was integrating numerous third-party services to be used for effortless operation – tools that allow the users to conduct audiovisual transmissions in real time or book and pay for coaching sessions, to name a few.
  • The custom-made dashboard brought along other complex challenges. To be more specific, it had to be possible for admins to generate PDF reports from the dashboard itself so that it could be utilised more efficiently for identifying and proposing potential improvements. This was especially troublesome because there were many variables that needed to be taken into account and included throughout the generation: the active dashboard filters used, reasonable layout of the document, conversion of the visualisation, and more.

How we tackled them

  • We have implemented a custom dashboard application using the React frontend library. React is a popular and powerful library for building user interfaces that allows for greater flexibility and customization than traditional approaches. By leveraging the power of React, we were able to create custom graphs with a unique design that is tailored specifically to our needs. We also made it possible to integrate React dashboard into Django admin using shadow DOM.
  • We have integrated a variety of third-party services into our platform, specifically focused on enhancing the user experience with features such as embedding PDF presentations, video playback, streaming live webinars, and booking meetings through an embedded calendar. By integrating these services, we are able to provide our users with access to a wide range of content and functionality. Furthermore, we have selected these third-party services based on their reputation for reliability, security, and ease of use, so our users can feel confident that they are accessing high-quality services.
  • We have implemented a completely custom-built solution for creating PDF and CSV reports from the dashboard. We needed to be able to generate reports for all of the filters available, which would not be possible with any third-party services.

The outcome of our efforts

Wellbeing Works is a platform that helps to bring together organisations and their employees.

It connects coaches, organisations, and people who wish to have a healthy lifestyle. Through the platform, employees can participate in fully interactive remote well-being programs. It offers live webinars, 101 coaching sessions, assignments, surveys, taking personal notes, and much more. The participants receive personalised coaching and feedback directly from assigned coaches. Coaches can create and manage their coaching sessions, and programs can be purchased online.

Technologies and tools we used

  • Serverless architecture based on AWS Lambda
  • PostgreSQL for data storage
  • Python, Django for backend administration
  • Next.js for the frontend application
  • TypeScript, React for the dashboard
  • CircleCI, Github for seamless development operations
  • Jira for project management