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Challenge: To automate the process of slot handling

Solution: Integrated the Vistajet platform with JETEX - the biggest Airport Slots/handling provider

User Group: Aircraft organizations


VistaJet offers global aircraft services unlike any other company in business aviation. With unparalleled experience flying in and out of the hardest to reach destinations, VistaJet has arranged for heads of state, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and private individuals to fly to over 187 countries worldwide.

Every flight is tailored to ensure seamless travel with maximum efficiency so customers can be in more meetings or locations within the shortest period of time. VistaJet makes its entire fleet of over 70 business jets available to customers – with guaranteed availability, no asset risk or positioning costs for Program customers.

Section 2: The Challenge

Generation of the Slot/Handling requests has always been a manual process.. It would require sending emails and doing phonecalls to the authorities, responsible for each Permits/Slot/Handling request of each flight. Additionally, keeping the status of each of them is both time-consuming and error-prone task,

One of the topOCC efficiency improvement targets was to automate this process using external services, to automatically request Handling/Slots/Permits and thus managing the progress and the status of those requests.

● Create a process to automatically manage the handling requests

● Provide a proper interface to track the status of the requests and the tools to manually manage it

● Create an interface to connect to different handling providers

● Whenever there is an interface that one could not connect to, managing automatically the creation and the sending of the Handling emails

With the growing number of aircrafts and the market VistaJet had to have a raise in the daily workload that could lead to inefficiency and delays on the requests.

For the last 5 years, Dreamix has had a track record of successful delivery of software projects for Vistajet. Our team already had the internal know-how and understanding of the

business needs and the established relationship with the VistaJet IT team, which were the key success factors in this project.

Section 3: The Solution

In order to automate the process, it was essential to integrate the Vistajet platform with JETEX - the biggest Airport Slots/handling provider. Then the users from Operations team would just have to select the Slots/Handlings which would be operated by Jetex and wait for an automatic response.

For the purpose of the integration, weworked closely with Jetex IT team in order to design the Web Service interface and what requests and responses we should exchange. After establishing the contract,the next integration steps were relatively easy. We are sending requests and receiving them asynchronously. The update of the Operations system is in the background so that there is no impact for the users. They are just notified when the Service is handled and ready for review.

The whole project was in close collaboration with the stakeholders and the project management team of VistaJet.Using Scrum methodology, all stakeholders were involved during the planning, scope management and execution phase, while holding regulard demos of the progress

The standard flow of flight preparation is kept but the synchronization through e-mail, calls, etc. is in the past. An operational notes field is added for simple clarifications

between the Ops team in VistaJet and the operators in Jetex. Currently, only a small amount of handlings are provided with additional notes because the Slots/Handlings are standardized and all the required information is already there - handling type, airport, date/time, passenger name, aircraft type, aircraft registration.

Section 4: Results

● User usage by day 1

● Positive feedback received

● Continuous increase of the user engagement

● Increased employee productivity

● Improved collaboration between the teams

● Team dedication

● Delivered on time

At the end of the project both VistaJet and Dreamix agreed that Dreamix had solved their problem and helped them achieve their intended goal.

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