Vendor-friendly C2C platform for PreciousPlastic

Vendor-friendly C2C platform for PreciousPlastic

04 November1 min read

To simplify vendor panels for easier onboarding


A vendor-friendly C2C platform

User Group

Marketplace, Recycling

The client:

Precious Plastic is a project in the Netherlands, launched in 2013. The project aims to encourage people to recycle plastic or repurpose it into useful items like furniture or lighting. They have a community of recycling activists who share their experience and grow the eco-aware movement. In 2016, they also expanded to become a marketplace for DIY designers and regular users. 

The project:

The product creation page of the marketplace platform had to be simplified to enable easier onboarding of new vendors. The client wished to have and Etsy-like settings page for vendors that had to be set up only once. This had to include details like shipping rates, regional grouping per vendor’s delivery areas, and more such features. They also wanted to notify vendors about having a Stripe Connect account before they start selling. 

We did custom development as well as the cloud hosting for their platform. We included these necessary features to make a vendor-friendly C2C site.