Untangle Mental Wellbeing with Talk It Out

Untangle Mental Wellbeing with Talk It Out

18 October2 min read

To validate and digitalize products.


Validation and launch of Digital product resulting in increased productivity and wellbeing.

User Group

Individuals seeking improvement in mental as well as physical well-being.


Talk It Out is a fun, simple, and human way to untangle your thinking and transform their well-being program into an iOS/Android experience.


Talk it out approached Nuom to help in the creation of a digital experience followed by the implementation of Design Sprint. In the Design Sprint, we ran 1:1 interviews with potential user groups in order to get an idea of the interaction between consumers and businesses with digital wellbeing products. After successful collection of data, storyboarding of the full product, and building an interactive prototype on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, respectively, we went on to look for validation from users. 

We assumed that users would run a 20-minute session, as Talk It Out allows for uninterrupted talking. We built a custom API to encrypt and transcribe the audio on the Cloud successfully Furthermore,after getting constant feedback from users, we found out that everyone was curious about keeping track of their progress as a source of motivation. This proved to be a great idea in helping us build a successful product. 

The nuom product team built a sophisticated Cloud System and CMS. This would allow Talk It Out to create, set, and promote challenges within the app. They could run special challenges, events, and partnerships, giving them the ability to drive engagement. 

We provided hosting for both video and audio content to deliver a rich user experience. Users can now engage with the Talk It Out platform on a daily basis. This helps them improve their mental wellbeing as well as physical well-being. We took a lot of inspiration from fitness apps like Strava, as providing users with a familiar yet unique experience was one of our key goals. 

After the successful collaboration, we were able to successfully launch our app to 750 enterprise client beta users in May, which later showed a 300% increase in productivity.

A public launch on the App and Play stores is also scheduled for June.