12 Nov ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To build an effective one solution platform for users to trade cryptocurrencies.

Solution: Built a custom web-based solution using effective technologies.

User Group: Crypto Investors and Traders


In collaboration with the client, PROTOTYP built a custom-created web solution using blockchain technology browser and desktop wallet allowing it to keep a full copy of cryptocurrency in real-time. This enables users to trade cryptocurrencies and store them in a personal desktop wallet named Masternode. The user-friendly and interactive web solution also helped in brand awareness in the most effective way possible along with bringing digital currency functionalities to users. 

Furthermore, the blockchain desktop wallet is made available for macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems encouraging users to access their cryptocurrency in real-time with ensured privacy of transactions. 

Technologies Used: 

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Electron

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