Taking Alta to a new stage of online business

Taking Alta to a new stage of online business

4 Nov ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To develop a platform with certain features such as catalog, brand design, feature comparison, product details page, store interface, etc. for the company.

Solution: Created a website that provides all the required features for the online store of the client.

User Group: Electronics users


Alta is an electronics retailer company in Georgia which, with a dealership network develops omnichannel sales, has offline and online stores. Its online store is number one in Georgia. It renders services such as CS-Cart Setup, Custom Development, Design Integration, and System Integration.


Simtech created mockups before creating the website. We created the homepage, catalog, product details page, and feature comparison facility. 

We built a brand design, which includes the logo and branded interfaces, for the store. Secondly, we build an interface, a plain one, to avoid superfluous details and distractions. This enables the customers to add products to a compare list, add items to the cart, and also payment integration with gateways such as Cart and Pay.ge. 

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