Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

16 Aug · 1 min read

Challenge: Needed modern, automated and secure, electronic registry of samples, reports, and calculations.

Solution: An automated sample register and scheduling of its testing.

User Group: Internal employees, managers

Our client:

The PERN Group is the national leader in raw material and fuel logistics and a strategic company that guarantees the energy security of Poland and thus also of the European Union, in the field of oil supplies. The direct consumer of the new software was the Laboratory of Environmental Protection at PERN S.A.

Our solutions:

The key role was played by our analytics, who prepared the digital transformation method in cooperation with the client’s employees. The implementation began with an automated sample register and scheduling of its testing. The specific nature of the work of this laboratory meant that the work on adjusting the mechanisms of building the schedule was carried out. software developers and testers created a solution, that was customized step by step using the AGILE approach.

Main Technologies:

Backed services: .net Core, Frontend: Angular, Database: MsSQL, Other: ActiveDirectory, MsOffice document generation libraries.

Specialists Involved:

  • Business Analytics
  • Database Architect
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Project Manager

Client Satisfaction:

Our company did a smooth transition from paper documentation to system management of samples, tests, reports and numbering of all objects. Electronic and paper registers were conducted at once for a short period of time. A turning point for the laboratory’s work was the Polish Centre for Accreditation audit, after which the laboratory decided to fully switch to the electronic system. We became friends with our client and right now we are thinking about new ideas of cooperation.

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