Student Orientation App for AGH Krakow

Student Orientation App for AGH Krakow

05 October3 min read

To develop an app that would assist new students to find their way around campus and all the facilities that are available for them.


A cross-platform app that supports Polish and English languages such that it is accessible to most students and teachers.

User Group

Students and University Faculty


AGH UST is a well-established university with the largest campus in Poland. The university attracts students from all over the world. 


The AGH University of Science and Technology requires a mobile app for students and candidates. The app would contain all the necessary information about the university such as office hours, building locations, sights around Krakow, etc. 

Scope of work: 

UI/UX · Android · iOS · Web   

User personas: 

To assess the needs of the end-users, we created user personas.


Our standard ideation process was executed.

Colours and typography: 

We came up with the colour scheme and typography for the app’s UI. 


After talking to the clients, we agreed that creating a native app that works on both iOS and Android will be the optimum solution. To cater to the different types of visiting students, the app would support both Polish and English. 

As the app data had to be constantly updated, we also created an admin role that would be able to access, edit, add, delete the content. The admin can also send push notifications to the app users.

Places of Interest (PoIs): 

The admin can add, delete, edit PoIs (including photos, description, contact details, relevant links). The PoIs can be categorized into 7 categories and are displayed on a map. 


The admin can also edit articles regarding important information such as healthcare, emergency protocols, course material, enrolment formalities, etc. 

The Magic of Krakow: 

As Krakow has a lot of sightseeing locations, the app would also include details regarding these. The admin can update locations, photos, and other details regarding Krakow’s monuments. 

 Events and news: 

The admin can also post photos and links regarding events and news on the app wall. These are also notified to the app users through push notifications. 

"They operated within stable protocols while allowing loads of opportunities for innovation. Their price, quality, and speed were also great."

 - Karolina Andrzejewska, Specialist International Marketing, AGH University