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Story MD

21 Apr · 3 min read

Challenge: To automate the entire process for patients

Solution: Built a Health Journal

User Group: Hospitals

StoryMD background

StoryMD has amassed and curated one of the world's largest digital repositories of vetted,

scientific medical information across nearly 5,000 health and wellness topics and 35,000

articles. Enhanced by 37,000 videos and over 60,000 images and interactive tools, it is an

unprecedented visual health library of information from reliable open sources. StoryMD's team

has made this vast collection of information from trustworthy sources—including the Centers for

Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Food and Drug

Administration (FDA)—accessible, understandable, and relevant.

Challenges solved

On one side, patients are constantly cobbling our health knowledge from disparate resources

and then cobbling action. The Patient has little understanding of diagnosis, treatment plan, labs,

drugs, vaccines or path forward. Patient’s holistic health is minimally advanced from their

doctor’s visit

On the other side, StoryMD has a lot of coded medical information, which is stored in their


However this information is not easily reachable for the people. There is no visual,

understandable, user friendly way so the people can benefit from it.

StoryMD needed a way to extract all this information from the StoryMD Library and organize it in

a way, which is clear and meaningful for the users.

The Solution

StoryMD built together with Dreamix a platform organized around four main pillars.

The first pillar is the StoryMD Library, which stores and classifies all the medical information.

The second pillar is the HealthJournal app, which extracts information from the Library and

turns it into organized reading on different medical conditions. The HealthJournal is the basis for

the user journey through their health condition. User can easily find the necessary information,

organize the HealthJournals based on their preferences and track the progress.

It also enables the users create their own HealthJournals using the proprietary materials, which

turns them into the author of their journey.

The third pillar focuses on the social aspect of the platform. Every HealthJournal is turned into

a community which allows people to have a substantive exchange on conditions they are in need of

of sharing or understanding. Differentiated from other forums because of access to the StoryMD

libraries for the chats and they start from a point of knowledge and not anecdotal.

The fourth pillar is coming soon and it will focus on storing and visualizing the personal health

records for the users. They will be able to easily track all their conditions and have their data

always with them independently from their location and health partners.

The results

Only 6 months after the start of the project there was first version of the platform deployed to


Then on a regular basis, the platform is upgraded to reach 31 January 2022 when the platform

was officially announced in more than 320 media across the United States.

The final solution was fully aligned with the client’s expectations and provided a solid base for

rolling out more functionalities in the future. StoryMD has already developed plans for new

modules and integrations that need to be added.

In the long term the platform will turn into the go-to place for every person interested in their

health, willing to found relevant information and opinion for a specific condition.

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