Specialized CRM for Pharmaceuticals

Specialized CRM for Pharmaceuticals

05 July1 min read

Deliver an affordable, specialized CRM to track the sales & visit goals of medical representatives, in a mid-sized pharmaceutical organization.


We developed a Cloud platform that helps small & mid-sized pharmaceutical companies uplift their sales team operations and help them be organized the same way big pharmaceuticals do.

User Group

Pharmaceutical companies

We developed a high-tech, modern and affordable CRM solution that is specialized to Pharmaceutical companies. Our software, available as a rich web application for management and a mobile/tablet application for medical representatives, organizes visits to doctors and pharmacies and tracks the details of every visit.

The software uses specialized algorithms to notify/alert medical representatives about recommended or upcoming visits, so that all visits during the year are performed inline with the visits frequency and goals that are set for every associated account.

Thanks to a rich set of dashboards that contains charts and statistics, management is able to track and get a very clear picture of visits performance during the year, including aggregated satisfaction rates for every of their products.

Thanks to our affordable Cloud CRM solution, small & mid. sized pharmaceuticals can uplift their sales operations and organize their sales departments, the same way big pharmaceuticals do, but at a fraction of the cost of other larger pharma CRMs.