Software solution for solar panel market

Software solution for solar panel market

11 Oct · 1 min read

Challenge: A superior software solution with an outstanding shadow calculation system.

Solution: A full-service ERP system that enables users to run their solar panels efficiently.

User Group: Solar energy companies


The client is in the business of solar panels. To have a competitive edge over other players in the market, they required a solution that would calculate shadows more accurately. In order to differentiate from competitors, they also wanted a cheaper solution to make the end product more pocket-friendly to the consumers. The client addressed DevCom with the task of finalizing their solar system performance software.

Business Value

We created a full-service ERP system that can calculate shadow and sun exposure more efficiently. The engineers at DevCom also applied data science methodologies for faster processing and to make complex calculations. 

The final platform has an API where the user can create a model of their environment with trees, buildings, etc. The software uses this to create a virtual model that simulates the sun exposure for the panels. The software uses Google Maps API to make a more realistic model for more accurate calculations. 

The communication with DevCom was very effective. We didn’t need to have long calls to understand our mutual interest.

- Client

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