Santander Behavioral Training for Customer Service

Santander Behavioral Training for Customer Service

23 November1 min read

To overcome the obstacles and ensure that a proper communication system can be implemented for providing perfected customer service.


Created and optimized VR training controllers and customer service specialists that have been provided to the client.

User Group



The client is Santander Bank Polska, a Polish functional bank that has sought to provide customer service via VR trainee controllers. Founded in 2001 as Bank Zachodni WBK before being rebranded in 2018, it is located in Warsaw of Poland.  


We created, optimized, and provided the VR trainee controller with a customer service specialist who promises better customer reviews. By supplying apt soft skills training to the VR, the goggles and amalgamated software product is utilized for the trainees.

Working of VR Controller

The customer service employee trainee will be provided the goggles and devices to use. The trainee has to don the goggles, and 7 scenarios of virtual customers with practical questions will appear before their eyes.  

As 7 types of customers come and go, this shall train the trainee regarding how to interact in different situations without losing the customer.