Road Signs e-Learning Platform

Road Signs e-Learning Platform

05 July1 min read

Deliver a highly available, AI-based road signs e-learning platform for driving school students.


We developed a very modern, highly durable e-learning platform for driving school students. Our solution, thanks to its machine-learning algorithms, its superior performance and UI adaptability on desktops and smartphones, met tremendous success and it is placed as the No1 road signs learning platform in the region, reaching several hundreds of simultaneous online users on peak hours and days.

User Group

Driving Schools, Students

We delivered to a European start-up, a successful Cloud project that helps driving school students learn the traffic signs much faster than the traditional way (the official Ministry of Transportation books), with remarkable results.

Powered by high-availability & high-performance real-time technologies, plus machine learning, our platform intelligently helps many thousands of students every year to deeply learn the traffic signs and pass the official ministry exams at their first attempt.

Recently, the project reached a milestone of 250 million student replies, in more than 18 million road signs questionnaire tests made by around 124 thousand students since the launch of the solution.