Rewarding Experience for Top Sellers

Rewarding Experience for Top Sellers

18 Oct · 2 min read

Challenge: To review and improve the booking experience for selected members.

Solution: Improvement of admin control followed by a reduction in support tickets.

User Group: Top sellers


The client, Herbalife is a global leader in meal replacements, food supplements, and sports nutrition products. Their network of independent distributors and customers creates a unique, ever-growing community to support anyone on their journey to better nutrition. They also pride themselves on offering a memorable vacation at a luxury resort to celebrate member success followed by exclusive awards to qualified members. 


In collaboration, nuom helped Herbalife to overhaul and improve their 2020 vacation site to offer a more safe and secure site dealing with large amounts of customer data leading to a great user experience from beginning to end. 

The process started by leading the Herbalife team through an in-depth discovery stage that included trend research, user segmentation, and workshops. By understanding the goals and user behavior, we were able to develop a better knowledge of the problems of users while trying to book a vacation. 

In order to improve the booking process of the overall site, the user interface was the top priority that was taken into consideration to make the booking journey of the user more comfortable. 

As the process of booking can be time-consuming, right from filling out guest details to making payments, etc. Therefore, to ease the process, a progression step was added to break the process into multiple logical steps, guiding the user to complete the task of booking their holiday, followed by an easy-to-understand booking confirmation. 

After the successful collaboration, the redesigned site offers a smooth registration flow to qualifying coaches who are now able to successfully register their vacations through a hassle-free experience. The introduction of Craft CMS also proved to be a game-changer for the Herbalife team as they were able to self-edit their content, saving them time and money. 

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