Responsive website for Smart Schedules

Responsive website for Smart Schedules

14 Oct · 1 min read

Challenge: To create a responsive website to drive conversions

Solution: A WordPress website that is accessible from any device

User Group: Businesses

The project: 

Smart Schedules is a system that provides information regarding public transport. It uses Google Maps to analyze traffic. The goal of this project was to improve passenger’s comfort in public transport. For this, we identified the key stakeholders who can provide insights on this, like city council officials, CEOs of transport companies, etc. 

We identified the following key goals to be achieved from this project: 

  • Creating a website which speaks directly to the target audience
  • Distinguish the brand’s identity from the competitors
  • Increase number of conversions by building brand awareness.


Using WordPress, we created a user-friendly, responsive website that was accessible from any device. We also integrated a simulated chat on the website that leads the users to the Smart Schedules app. 

The goal of building brand awareness and reaching and converting the target audience was completed successfully. 

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