Redesign for Safety Award Store

Redesign for Safety Award Store

04 November1 min read

To redesign the website and add certain features such as adding custom pricing tables, automated calculation of price, etc.


developed the features as required by the client.

User Group

Consumers of gifts, awards, and safety products.


Safety Award Store is a platform in the US that offers gifts, awards, and safety products, along with services such as custom development, design integration, system integration and cloud hosting. Founded in 1981, it is also available online as a CS-Cart store. 


We provided the features such as instant quoting on branded items, for example, a mug, integration with Zoho CRM, an online platform that enables managing sales, offers help in marketing and support, and the integration helped in transmitting data on contact and deals.

Setting a check for minimum quantity

if the administrator selects YES in the imprint option, and no check if it is a NO. Also, we helped in setting options for the size and colour of the products, developing a script for the existing options, and this allowed a connection between the quantity and product size or colour.

We also introduced sale or closeout pricing tabs with an added feature of handling existing pricing. It provided each product with an option of the sale price or a grid that shows the breaks in quantity pricing.