Rebuilding Marta Dymek’s blog

Rebuilding Marta Dymek’s blog

5 Oct · 1 min read

Challenge: To redesign and rebuild Marta Dymek’s food blog

Solution: Renewed website

User Group: website-blog

The client

Marta Dymek is one of the leading nutrition bloggers in Poland. She has over 230k likes on Facebook, over 375k followers on Instagram, and regularly gets hundreds of thousands of visitors to her website. 

The project

Marta wanted to give her website a fresh, modern look and improve its performance. As her site gets heavy, constant traffic, having high load speeds was of utmost priority. She also made it clear that her high SERP rankings should not get affected. 

For updating the website's look, we brought in Emilia Obrzut, n independent graphic designer. Emilia designed a fresh and functional layout for the site, which our front-end developers implemented. 

Throughout the process, we paid special attention to redirecting links to new pages and identifying existing internal links and backlinks so that the organic search engine rankings are unaffected. We also updated the server to allow for higher traffic and provide a smooth experience to the site visitors. 

“This project was a big challenge for me. My blog had to meet my own standards, as well as the standards my visitors have come to expect from me. Throughout the entire process Smultron was patient and conscientious, ultimately leading to an amazing final result. :) I’m very satisfied with their work and would definitely recommend Smultron to anyone looking for help with their website or blog.” - Marta Dymek 

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