Rebranded website for Capgemini

Rebranded website for Capgemini

14 October1 min read

To create a website with a modernized brand image


A modern website that reflects the new branding and image of the company

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The client:

Capgemini is a global leader in the business service sector. They provide consulting, digital transformation and technology-related services to companies in over 50 countries. The Polish branch of Capgemini got in touch with us for this project. 

The project:

The current website had different graphic styles across the pages, which did not reflect the company’s brand identity. They needed a new website with a strong, cohesive look. 


  • Brand image uniformity across all the pages of the website
  • A website that stands out among the competitors
  • Increase conversion rate by making the website user friendly


  • We conducted workshops to identify issues with the current website.
  • We identified the needs of the Capgemini team and laid the expectations for the new website.
  • We explored Google Analytics to understand the traffic of the site.
  • We prepared design mockups by looking at current design trends that would represent the brand image.


Capgemini provided a brandbook with the fonts, colours, icon style etc for the branding. We used this as a style guide to create a modern look for the site. Our developers also coded the front-end and back-end for the website, along with the desktop and mobile versions. 

During the coding phase, our developers implemented subtle animations that were an exciting addition to the site and fit in with the trends. Thanks to this, the Capgemini website began to reflect the spirit of the company and the image of a modern employer.