Continuity Pay

Continuity Pay

16 August1 min read

Custom solution to manage Shopify recurring subscriptions for high-risk business


Designed and developed Laravel application using a Sticky integration

User Group

Merchants with high-risk business

The main goal of the Continuity Pay project is to create a custom Laravel application

with which merchants can manage Shopify recurring subscriptions for their high-risk business.

The project is based on integration with the service that helps brands and businesses

build profitable recurring revenue programs.

What is inside:

- Integration with platform

- Integration with high-risk payment gateway Stripe

- Creating pages based on the provided Adobe XD designs

- Connecting various systems for collecting data that helps to track conversions

- Interaction with Shopify API

- Interaction with webhooks(Shopify,, Stripe)

Main technology stack: PHP 7.4, Laravel 8, Sticky API, Shopify API, Stripe API