Rapid prototyping for a product

Rapid prototyping for a product

18 Oct ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To understand the user journey, validate product assumptions, and prioritize upcoming features.

Solution: Gained clarity on how the client used the product currently to assess the impact and prioritize the features.

User Group: Clients looking for self-assessment and self-improvement

The project:

Our client Helpforce wanted to help their clients improve their volunteering services. For this, they wanted to create a self-assessment tool where volunteer service managers could take assessments that Helpforce can use as data. This data was used to curate valuable learning and training resources more efficiently. 

To create a valuable product that would also secure funding from their board, we had to create a validated product. We enforced a design-first sprint to go from idea to validated product in 5 days. 

Nuom and Helpforce collaborated in the 5-day design sprint to gain insights and test new ideas faster. The project leads, Max and Daz, shared their learnings with us so that we could map out the user journey and the existing challenges in the product. 

We created a storyboard of the product and an interactive prototype that could be used for user testing. With user testing, we identified more gaps in the product, making our design more robust. 

After the design sprint, we continued refining the prototype based on user feedback, eventually creating a multi-path prototype that was closer to the envisioned product. This set the pace for the development and also helped Helpforce receive funding from their board for the project. 

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