Progressive Web App with Audio in Background

Progressive Web App with Audio in Background

12 November1 min read

To provide listening to music in the background of an app.


A progressive web app that has an integrated playback.

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Music listeners


 PWA music player is a ReactJS music player which is based on Soundcloud API. 


To solve the problem of background listening, we developed a solution that allowed the users to listen to the audio even when they are not using the app. With an efficient background player, music and podcasts were easily played in the background without cutting off.

The app can be added to the home screen of the device and can be used easily. Without disturbing other activities of the device, this audio player will be functioning efficiently in the background. There is also a condensed version that can be expanded by clicking, used for small screens. Users can listen to whatever they want, without unlocking their phone or while using other applications. There was a problem to overcome, as Apple was not compatible with this PWA audio playback. And we made a native app for iOS. Hence, a complete solution for interruption-free listening to music on all your devices.