Own-Kind: A New Way to Organize Wardrobe

Own-Kind: A New Way to Organize Wardrobe

27 October1 min read

To develop a new way to organize the wardrobe


An application that enabled wardrobe organization for Own-Kind.

User Group

Retailers, Stylists, and individuals


Own-Kind is a platform for people to plan and organize their outfit, it is for retailers who can service more customers online, with less time in a customized way, and for individuals who will be introduced to digital wardrobe, outfit planning, SK brands, and stylists, and for stylists, making their job easier. 


Th-ey developed a mobile application for Own-Kind to help with the functioning of an online wardrobe. It helped the users to put their wardrobe on the phone, which is a completely new experience. The application will organize the wardrobe while users upload any images that have the items. It is a perfect solution for those people who are stressed out with a messed-up wardrobe. People can now easily organize their messy wardrobe digitally and plan their outfits accordingly. The application really helped the retailers, stylists, and individuals.