Online Banking App With Crypto Payment

Online Banking App With Crypto Payment

30 May6 min read

To create an online banking tool combined with crypto trading.


Developed banking platforms with various functionalities that promise seamless online experience.

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Fintech companies dealing with crypto payments.

Helping clients to reimagine their entire customer service experience, delivering new value and growth. 


The client is a German-based specialist bank for the housing industry. In just a few years, personal service, hands-on customer communication, and sound expertise have made this bank a reference for financing and advising housing owner associations. 

The client recognized the need for digitalization and adjusting to new industry trends so they approached us with an idea to create an unconventional online banking app that combines crypto and fiat. They knew that the crypto community doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all mold. That’s why their platform needed to allow users to invest securely and in their own way. They wanted to make the process fast, simple, and safe. So we needed to create an online banking application that gives the customers the ability to use all banking services with fiat, add an option of crypto trading and convert to fiat. In that direction, the end-user would be able to use standard banking services and use the app in different stores for purchases with crypto or fiat.  

For the German bank, the main goal was to stand out by offering a new service that attracts consumers, follows digital trends, and gives them the opportunity to combine the currently most recent trend in finance world crypto with traditional banking services.  


For project start we had to consider multiple factors:  

  • User-friendly: An unconventional application that is completely new to the market and it needs to be easy to use for all groups of users
  • Timely informing: Combination of crypto trading with fiat and making sure that all the data is on fleek so that the user always gets the best offers on the market
  • Security and infrastructure: The fintech sector has a lot of regulatory requirements so it was necessary to take care of the security and infrastructure to make the application as secure as possible and protect all the data
  • Enable in-store purchase: Connecting with a partner to enable in-store purchases

Evolt’s challenge was to create a system that is an online banking tool combined with crypto trading. The app would enable its customers not only to manage the ‘regular’ (also known as fiat) currencies of the connected IBAN but also to top up a variety of supported cryptocurrencies, which could be simply exchanged or spent. 

Additionally, the user also needed to be able to use the app to buy in-store with fiat or crypto. Since this is a banking application, extra attention had to be invested into a security and the process of adding a customer to the system. As an add-on requirement Evolt needed to create an easy internal exchange between app users.  


As the final solution Evolt’s team created banking platforms that promise seamless online experiences and low- or no-fee services. In order to highlight all aspects of the solution we organized it in next areas:  

A) Securing free of charge transactions

This platform eliminates many of the common fees typically associated with banks, especially for in-app transactions that are free of charge, or subject to a fee if so desired by the user. This is one of the first online banking apps that have credit-building options for crypto, multiple wallets for different currencies with easy crypto to fiat transfers, and crypto trading options.  

The first version of the application had the following functionalities: 

  • Customer identification and IBAN assignment
  • Customer account
  • a payment card (connected to the main IBAN)
  • Account top-up
  • Internal transfer and withdrawal
  • Buy and sell crypto
  • Payments
  • Account balance and transaction history
  • Contacts
  • Referral rewards
  • Multiple wallets

B) Creating a secure environment  

Since this is a banking sector, Evolt had to follow all AML legislation and all customers of the application had to be verified. The customer can have a visual insight in the app prior to being verified, but only after the successful verification is completed they will be able to get access to all the services. All data required to apply for a standard bank account is also added to this application. When a customer's identity is successfully verified, an IBAN should be dedicated to their account and a payment card shipped for use. Customer identity is confirmed by a scheduled video call with a bank representative.  

The customer account section covers the following areas: 

  • Dashboard for fiat/crypto account management
  • Password and username controlling section (OTP is required)
  • Setting up limits for withdrawal/payment
  • Language setting
  • Access to terms & conditions

C) Easy Financial processes - Deposits, Payments, Exchanges, and Internal Transfers  

There are a few ways for customers to top up their accounts. Fiat top-up is possible by external SEPA deposit, credit cards deposit, or via internal transfer from other users. Crypto top-up is possible from online exchanges and other wallets. A few interesting facts about this are that Supported credit cards (Mastercard, Visa) can be tokenized for simpler further use in order to avoid entering the data manually each time. 

For internal transfers, fiat, or crypto a QR code with a unique customer deposit address is generated that can easily be scanned by another app customer sending the funds. This makes transactions easy and quick for internal app users. The same process can be done with a user name, as all users in the system have a unique username.  

Customers can easily buy or sell crypto directly in the app. The process is instant. Customers can exchange their deposited fiat funds (euro) directly into any cryptocurrency supported by the app. Customers can also sell deposited cryptocurrency directly to fiat funds (EUR). With the desired cryptocurrency selected to be sold, the customer can either enter the fixed crypto amount they wish to sell or the fixed fiat amount that they wish to receive.  

Customers can use the app's physical payment card to make FIAT purchases at any Visa/Mastercard supported location (depending on the scheme that the payment card is issued on). For crypto payments, customers can directly use the mobile app for purchases at the fast-growing number of locations where our partner GoCrypto is present. In the case of using the app for direct payment, the customers use the app to scan the QR code generated by the merchant and select the pre deposited cryptocurrency that they wish to pay with. 

Finally, the app offers an easy option for the user to exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa.  

Combining all of that with the option for the user to have a list of contacts for easy “one-click” transactions and always an available list of transactions gives this app an intuitive experience with all banking services at the tip of his hands.  

Evolt supports the transformation of clients’ services to operate with purpose at speed and scale, by enabling them with new approaches, ways of working, data-centricity, and technology. With all implemented elements from this case, our client secured a fully innovative solution for its end - users and created more efficient execution of their financial processes in alignment with new aspiring elements of the financial industry.