A New Way for VhedaHealth Organization

A New Way for VhedaHealth Organization

13 November1 min read

To develop a solution for managing and monitoring remote disease


Created a mobile application that helped in certain disease monitoring and the creation of care plans for individuals.

User Group

Type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, and weight managing patients.


Through technology, Vheda Health organization aims at humanizing healthcare by managing and monitoring remote patients. Suitable care plans are provided for patients and also live outreach to them. The organization is nationally certified, and it saves $15,000 per member in one year and delivers 84% member compliance. 


Miquido developed a mobile application for VhedaHealth in both iOS and Android, which helped a lot in managing and monitoring remote diseases. The main aim of the solution was to keep an accurate balance between the human factor and technology. The solution included interferences for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart failure, and also for weight management. Customized care plans are also made using curated data forms and are provided to people according to their needs, along with a care team. Patients can have live meetings with their care team weekly. Miquido also helped to create a web administration panel and web application design.