13 Nov · 1 min read

Challenge: To build an advanced mobile platform for global commerce purposes

Solution: Developed a universal platform with the use of cutting-edge cryptofinance technologies leading to the management of financial transactions

User Group: Cryptocurrency Traders


The client is focused on providing solutions for bridging the gap between the latest games, blockchain technology, and crypto solutions. Their collective objective is to ensure that the future world evolves into virtual reality with digitalized solutions followed by a highly fascinating gaming experience. 


In collaboration with the client, Miquido delivered the solution that involves functionalities such as pre-paid wallet feature, currency exchange, and online phone-operated transactions. We also developed a QR code scanning feature for users to micro-transactions regularly. The apps and features were made to be compatible with low-end devices as the solution less technologically advanced society. Furthermore, our main focus throughout the development of the project was on the main focus behind the project was to maintain the maximum level of transaction speed, ease, and security. 

Technologies used:

  • Android

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