Mobile Application for SureStay Hotel

Mobile Application for SureStay Hotel

19 November1 min read

To develop a solution that helps in effectively managing the clients in the hotel.


Developed a mobile application that helped in organizing certain activities and ensuring services to the customers.

User Group

Travelers, tourists, and other hotel customers.


The SureStay Hotel by Best Western Amritsar is located at Ranjeet Avenue. It offers Hallmarks of customized amenities of the Best Western group, outstanding satisfaction, and impressive hospitality. It is an enlivening style and serves as a modern boutique. The SureStay hotel is undoubtedly a perfect destination for those who want to experience the richness and history of the city of Amritsar, its heritage, culture, and food.  


The team at geekforce developed a mobile application for the client, which helped engage their customers more efficiently. The application allowed the controlling of light conditions in the hotel rooms, also enabling the customer to avail the room service through audio and video. It also helped display the special offers available to the customers while they are staying at the hotel. The client understood that this application was an asset for their business and was happy to take it as a user engagement strategy.