Mobile app for Aroma Kava

Mobile app for Aroma Kava

26 Nov ยท 2 min read

Challenge: Digitalize the physical card-based loyalty app of Aroma Kava.

Solution: Mobile App for loyalty and rewards program.

User Group: Food & Beverage Companies

The client:

Aroma Kava is a Ukrainian coffee shop business with 20 locations. The company focuses in low-cost coffee, sweets, and sandwiches. 

The project:

Aroma Kava, on the market since 2012, had its own loyalty program. Each new customer received a plastic card with savings on future purchases. But the loyalty scheme seemed unsustainable. They discovered during their campaign that producing plastic cards is too costly and that the number of issued cards exceeded the number of committed Aroma Kava clients. 

Plastic loyalty cards had little effect on daily visitors who bought coffee offline. Frequently, consumers failed to use their bonus plastic cards and had no idea how many they possessed. 

Aroma Kava hired Dinarys to build an iOS and Android loyalty app. The major goal was to reduce plastic loyalty card manufacture costs by digitizing the existing reward program and boosting average order value. 


To reward faithful Aroma Kava customers, we decided to include birthday bonuses. Customers enter their birthdays when authorized. The data is then saved in Aroma Kava 1C CRM. 

App menu 

Some clients are picky. On the Aroma Kava app, consumers may check the availability of specific coffee drinks and desserts, as well as their costs. 

Purchase history 

The application offers a history of prior purchases feature that allows users to examine a list of previous purchases, their costs, and the number of bonuses obtained. 

Push notifications 

We added push alerts to the app to increase client engagement. They alert users of bonus amounts and company news. Push alerts remind clients to use the app regularly and remind them of upcoming freebies or loyalty program levels. 


We included bespoke features including a customer bonus card, nearby coffee shop location, transaction history, and customized discount builder. 

Third-party CRM software 

We integrated the app with 1C CRM, WMS (warehouse management system), and customer loyalty service. 

POS terminals 

Aroma Kava cashiers and offline agents may now handle promotions and special offers using POS devices. 


Our team successfully digitalized the loyalty program by replacing plastic cards with an iOS and Android app. Aroma Kava is now the most popular iTunes app in Ukraine in the Food and Drink category, with 52k+ active users. 

Client feedback

The CEO of Aroma Kava, Alexsander Babaian, was truly happy with our solution. The company has gained more clients and increased average check by 20%. 

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