Mobile 3D/Augmented Reality fence configuration

Mobile 3D/Augmented Reality fence configuration

17 Aug ยท 1 min read

Challenge: Our client, a steel manufacturing company waned to offer clients the possibility a easy way to create their custom fence, hence offering clients flexibility, and reducing the time spent in offering.

Solution: Creating a mobile application for custom fence configuration, with the option to see it in Augmented Reality, and place it in front of the building it was designed for

User Group: Clients that want to configure and preview the fence before purchasing it.

The application offers clients easy access to the different models of fences and gates provided by starfier, and a user friendly and flexible way to configure the building surrounding. 

A 3D render of the fence is always shown to the user, that dinamicaly changes when the fence or gates are edited. 

This sollution saved time for our client, and offeres great flexibility fo clients, that can save and edit multiple  versions of the fence.

Also the application offers the user, using AR technoligies, the possibility to place the 3D renderof the fence in front of a camera view of the house, offering a great experience in, selecting the perfect model for the fence and gates.

Technologies used: 

React native, Threejs, Viro

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