Mixed Reality for Hololens System

Mixed Reality for Hololens System

19 November1 min read

Combating with the present 2D levels to create a Mixed Reality system for proper UX with 2D collaboration for recognition of the gestures presented.


Optimized and customized with the procedure for producing a thriving variety of gesture recognition on the platform easily.

User Group

The neutral networks and adaptable controllers; primarily for designing and entertainment industry, remote working and military training.


The client was the Hololens System of the Microsoft firm that extensively uses augmented reality to create virtual images using sensors, graphics, and holographic processes. The product was released for the Windows 10 family in 2016 with smart glasses.  


We seamlessly tracked the AR-created Mixed Reality product of the Microsoft firm that can make holographic images in a favorable environment in real-time. It involved the optimization and customization of various sensors, neutral networks, and adaptors that supported the formulation of the images before the eyes.

There are a variety of cameras involved for the same, too, like RGB, stereo, and depth cameras. The product is amalgamated with software and hardware specifically for gesture recognition. 

Some of the gestures include the following:

  • Swipe
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Draw a circle
  • Grab