Medical Aid with Triage VR

Medical Aid with Triage VR

18 November1 min read

To overcome the problem of formulating treatments for accident injured patients.


Created and provided the best Tirage VR solution that can impeccably assess accidents via virtual reality

User Group

The medical sector practitioners, like doctors and EMTs, create virtual accident scenes. 


The client belongs to a business selling software of VR and AR, which uses IT solutions for bettering the sales and marketing of these products. Mainly, the client seeks to provide the Triage VR product to the medical sector for the young doctors and EMTs to draw contrast controversy surrounding.  


We created and offered the optimized Tirage VR software solution to the client. The software provides efficient VR controllers where a virtual trainee figure will be deployed. This trainee will be subjected to all kinds of accidents and possible threats once it arrives on the created scenery via controllers.  

In this way, the actual formulation of the impact and reason behind an injury can be drawn. Therefore, proper medical aid can be easily provided on this basis. The creation is so realistic that the band on the trainee's wrist instigates the medical doctor to act fast because it determines the flailing health of the trainee, meaning the patient is under treatment.  

Some of the features are:

Creation of scenery 

Time of accident event 

Types and number of casualties 

Overall condition of injury