Expense Analyzer

Expense Analyzer

16 Aug · 1 min read

Challenge: Creating a master application for the device, which enable comprehensive analysis of data gathering from many buildings

Solution: Master application for the device

User Group: property managers, manufacturing plants

About client

Our client is an international company making delivers a wide range of services in the PropTech sector. Innovative solutions make possible effective management of buildings and cost optimization, increasing tenant safety and satisfaction.

Business –°hallenge

The project goal was to create a master application for the MCA5tech device, enabling cross-sectional and comparative analysis of data coming from many buildings.

Our solution

The device is designed for local collection, recording and analysis of data from devices belonging to one building, installation or switchgear. It is an autonomous device.

Application EFFECT, based on machine learning algorithms, enable the detection of anomalies and repeatable patterns.  The main functionalities are:

 - database replication,
- data analysis,
- presentation of the results on dashboards and reports. 

Values we added

 We built a master app which makes analysis and then uses energy-saving technologies, the company can provide better activities to create a positive impact on environmental protection.

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