Managing Travels Through TUI App

Managing Travels Through TUI App

13 November1 min read

To make an all in one platform for performing travelling activities easily


An application for helping the clients in carrying out travel related tasks

User Group

Travelers and tourists


TUI is a group of companies which offers a unique hotel portfolio, cruise lines, Airlines, tour operators, both online and offline. 

Being the world's major tourism group, this company has a number of travel agencies, airlines, aircrafts, hotels, cruise liners, incoming agencies, online portals and many more. It provides services for 27 million customers, in 180 regions. The group has an experience of more than twenty years. It makes travelling easy for people, by providing all the required facilities under one roof.  


We developed an application which helped the customers to do various activities such as choosing the destination, booking and managing it using their mobile phones. The TUI app has helped the company to reach up to the customers who use mobiles for booking. The application offers features for the trip, and also informs the customers about any delays, through notifications. The app really helped the customers as it was easy for them to perform their travel related activities using their mobiles.