Making garment care content labels not suck

Making garment care content labels not suck

15 August1 min read

The client came to us with a zero-to-one type of engagement. They have identified a major opportunity in the market, had a domain expert as a founder, and a technical co-founder who will build the development team, but they lacked someone to lead and shape the product itself. Zero-to-one projects usually come with one big risk: the uncertainty of what to build. In this case they knew exactly what to build, but the biggest hurdle — apart from bootstrapping a B2B SaaS, and a B2C multi-platform application — was market adoption.


While their founding team did an excellent job of navigating and responding to their own market research, Superawesome was focused on driving the product design efforts following the ever-flowing newfound market knowledge, and the development itself. We’ve designed a cross-platform mobile app built of React Native for their B2C product used to scan and identify garments via digital care content labels in the form of QR codes. On the B2B side we’ve designed and developed the front-end of a responsive SaaS app to be used by the fashion brands to manage their care content labels.

User Group

B2B: fashion brands, label makers, garment production factories. B2C: environmentally conscious shoppers.

Superawesome has been working with this startup from the very beginning through our staff augmentation model, by guiding and executing the product design process.

As a bootstrapped startup they set out to reimagine the garment care content label as an outdated physical artefact in an increasingly digital world.

The way Superawesome designed the entire user experience of various products, our client was able to quickly respond to rapidly changing demands of the market by pivoting their product.

The creation and maintenance of the design systems by the Superawesome team was essential in facilitating these shifts, enabling a coherent and harmonious user experience across various incarnations of our client’s products.