Leading financial advisory firm launches startup

Leading financial advisory firm launches startup

21 Mar · 2 min read

Challenge: A client startup needed a competent and reliable software development team to shorten time to market and launch an accurate valuations, business brokering platform.

Solution: CQUELLE came up with a revised software design and fitting processes to rapidly bring the product in the right direction.

User Group: Owners and affiliated members of the veterinary practices needed financial and business advises

In working with our team at CQUELLE, our client hoped to overcome their business challenges and achieve their unique goals, such as:

- Finding a reliable software development company to keep up with the market and business demand.

- Upgrading and refining the quality of the financial tools offered to their clients.
- Developing a community management module to allow their product's members to easily share experiences, feedback, and communicate with one another.

- Creating a dedicated member’s area and user management module to enhance the overall user experience for their clients.
- Taking responsibility for the entire software development cycle, from the requirements stage through the live release.

Our Solutions

To establish a solid foundation for our partnership, we launched a pilot phase to learn as much about their business as possible. During the pilot, we worked with their in-house team to better understand their product offerings, business goals, and client profiles. We established a roadmap aimed at minimizing the number of risks throughout the project development process and proposed dedicating a team of three qualified developers to the project.

Once we established the strategy and roadmap and the team was in place, we went to work on modernizing their technology stack with our full-stack software development, solution design, and product development solutions.


Throughout the partnership, the CQUELLE team quickly adapted to the client's needs and completed all deliverables within short periods to keep the workflow smooth and efficient. We established a clear and transparent process for communication for even the most sophisticated and complicated client requests, which resulted in the timely completion of a high-quality product. As a result, we became the go-to provider for all of our client's technology solutions, allowing them to keep up with market demand and business growth.

The outcomes of our work together were significant, as our client quickly overcame their business challenges with the help of CQUELLE. We were able to:

- Automate build, release, and quality gate pipelines to achieve increased efficiency.

- Build a scalable and reliable software architecture that will grow with the client's business as they continue to expand their services and customer base.

- Improve the quality and performance of their products across the board, giving them more credibility and trustworthiness with their customers.

- Upgrade their product to modern technology stacks based on .NET 6, React, and AWS Cloud frameworks.

Due to our company's top-notch customer service, attention to detail, and value for the price, their company plans to work with us on future projects to expand upon the features of their existing platform. We look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

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