Landing Page and Web App

Landing Page and Web App

05 October1 min read

Create a web application for members to submit contest entries for the 2018 ABSL


Web Application and Landing Page

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ABSL Diamonds, one of the most prestigious business award ceremonies in Poland, asked us to create an online application for Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) member registrations and submissions.

The web application we created made it possible for members to submit contest entries for the 2018 ABSL Diamonds in a convenient and simple way.

Based on the Dandelion Study concept, after analyzing and consulting with the client, we designed the application information architecture and the process of its operation.

The application was made up of several different accounts with varying functionality. This flexibility allowed the application to serve different types of users.

Company representatives required a registration form, and a portal to submit contest entries across six categories.

While jury members used the application to access and judge those entries.

We also had to develop dedicated tools for the auditors and administration faculty. A panel was created for auditors to monitor entries and confirm compliance with contest terms and conditions.

Additionally, a user-friendly admin panel allowed for comprehensive oversight of the entire process, including submission entry, assessments, access management, and mail system integrations.