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Investors Club

12 November1 min read

To enhance user experience encouraging digital transformation.


Built a Web App with exclusive private access to buy growing online businesses.

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Online businesses


The client, Alpha Investors is an online service provider whose objective is to help investors, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and e-commerce sellers build, buy, and sell their businesses online. 


PROTOTYP’s team built a Web App with private access for emerging online businesses in collaboration with the client. After gathering relevant feedback from brokers, we assisted them in the inclusion of new functionalities such as: 

  1. No purchase fees are required as sellers will be getting 100%.
  2. Assisted purchasing & personalized asset deal offerings.
  3. Addition of exclusive and in-depth profitable assets only.
  4. Actionable and comprehensive due to diligence documents.

The successful collaboration resulted in the timely launch of the product with increased scalability and a better approach towards the world of digital transformation

Technologies Used: 

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase