Intelligent Robot: The technology of tomorrow

Intelligent Robot: The technology of tomorrow

19 Nov ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To ensure that the tasks are done seamlessly, smoothly with accuracy, and less man labor.

Solution: Created and provided a complex household robot with optimized AI as well as ML to the client.

User Group: Household robots are primarily used in domestic, healthcare assistance, entertainment, and leisure sectors.


The client belongs to a tech-based company specializing in deploying complex household robots to various sectors and firms. They deliver mobile robots capable of a variety of activities and are equipped with several formidable high-tech components. 


We made and extended a complex household robot to the client as per the requirement that can perform a horde of functions. The mobile robot can effortlessly grant planning based on visual information collected, deft manipulation, and efficient limbs to move around. Mainly, its tasks of visual information can be done by collecting it via the following methods:

  • RGB-D
  • Image sensors.

The high-tech software is capable of quickly identifying objects with its visual solid recognition power and processing and execution of tasks. The robot has been optimized with AI and ML inclusion and signal processing by our R&D to actively partake in activities. 

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