An Innovative Application for Picniic

An Innovative Application for Picniic

13 November1 min read

To make the tasks of family management easier


Developed an application to help with managing various tasks in an organized manner

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Picniic is a platform that offers to organize and plan the various activities and tasks in the families. It helps with tasks such as location sharing, planning events with the family calendar, creating to-do lists, storing files of various information such as medical, household, etc., sharing photos, creating store lists, group messaging and alerts, tracking of events such as birthdays and anniversaries, etc. 


We developed an application for the platform, which helps the families become more organized, all their activities available in one place. People can now do everything, event planning, to-do lists, store lists, sharing messages and photos, and many more, on a single platform. We conducted research to know about the needs of families, the parents, and children. Later, we provided an innate UX and clear UI. We were able to provide easy visualization of various tasks and combine clean code with research on user needs. This helped a lot of families to manage their activities using a single application.